Cai Leting  蔡乐婷


Over the past few years, I have brought innovative craftsmanship to my textile artwork as I challenge the relationship between domestic craft and institutional art, and the gendered stereotypes behind them. Through the exploration of relationships between traditional academic artmaking and gendered household duties, I realized how the female creative bodies of work have been devalued across institutions. In my inquiry series of domestic craft-making, I translated the language of crochet into different contemporary art forms to present an anti-stereotypical perspective for viewers to better understand and appreciate the knowledge and effort behind domestic artistic practices.


I am a multi-media artist interested in challenging the boundaries of gender stereotypes. My material practice ranges from small textile works to large-scale metal sculptures. In addition to weaving, crocheting, and felting, I have built a familiarity with other Western art forms including painting, welding, and sculptural construction. My practice also incorporates traditional Chinese art forms like painting (Guohua) and calligraphy (Shufa). As a female Chinese artist, I aim to bring intersectionality not only to my artistic practice, but also the space that my art holds. I pursue art as a medium to spark conversation and as a vessel for cultural growth.

Coaster (Guahua)  (2021)

Ink on rice paper, 4’’ x 6’’

Yulan Magnolia [Guohua] (2021)

Ink on rice paper, 4’’ x 6’’

Assemblage (2021)

Yarn and fabric, 55″ x 60″

Huaniao In Synthetic [合成玉兰Hua] (2021)

Yarn and piper cleaner, 21” x 27” x 12”

Labour Hoop (2020)

Cotton rope, wood, and metal, 76’’ x 82’’ x 5’’