taylor robinson

I paint the contemporary world around me, focusing on the activities and interactions of people. My interest in this lies in capturing the unidealized beauty of everyday moments; through simple representations of humanity, a timeless relatability is created. To this end, it is insignificant whether the people depicted are identifiable or not. In my current practice, I am on a journey of figuring out my own personalized shorthand. Technical considerations include determining the balance between simplified forms and carefully observed detail. The areas that begin to break away from technical realism acknowledge the artifice of the medium of paint, while also directing the narratives and focal points of the works towards the areas of sharpest detail. 

Gallery Visitors (2022)

Water soluble oil paint on wood panel, 6’ x 3’

Campus Trek (2021)

Water soluble oil paint on canvas, 24” x 18″

Lazy Dog Days (2020)

Acrylic on canvas, 24” x 18”