Sarah Heaman


I am a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Victoria, British Columbia. I primarily work with photography and drawing, often combining the two in mixed media works. Inspired by the West Coast landscape that has always been my home, I use varying approaches to highlight themes surrounding my personal relationship with the environment. 

My meditative process of integrating drawing with photos of the coastal landscape results in images that mimic the soothing scenery captured, with detailed line patterns creating a rhythm that evokes ocean waves. Manipulated perspectives are explored in my practice in other forms as well, with photos being altered digitally or manually. I also take a great interest in exploring the human influence on the environment, particularly with a focus on discarded and decaying urban spaces. 

Rhythm (2020)

Digital photography, digital drawing

Detached (2020)

Digital Photography

Mental Drift (2021)

Digital photography, digital drawing