Razan Mereeb

I am a multimedia artist interested in exploring themes like identity, culture, and belonging. Originally from Lebanon, I currently work in Victoria, British Columbia. Having grown up in the Middle East and now being a Muslim Arab woman living in the West, my culture is a central part of myself, as well as my artistic practice. My art is inspired by my Arab roots (incorporating arabesque patterns, for example), and grapples with global issues that may relate to them. My art is often inspired by nostalgia, memory, and belonging, while also integrating more political or social issues. I work in both traditional and digital forms, sometimes blended together. I enjoy experimenting with color as well as Arabic Calligraphy, as a way to keep it alive and honor this form of artistry.

Azrak (2019)

Mixed media, acrylic and ink

Salam  (2020)

Mixed media, acrylic and ink

A Window to the Homeland (2021)

Lighting art, paper cutout and lighting