fanxuan (rae) pang  庞梵萱

I am a multimedia artist currently focusing on self-expression and my experience as a Chinese-Singaporean third-culture individual. I am interested in manipulating light and draw inspiration from Ann Veronica Janssens, Dan Flavin, and James Turrell. My installation pieces, illuminated by light, aim to create a playfully interactive experience, like a story that would be incomplete if not for the audience’s engagement. My personal experience and exploration with emotion manifest in my practice: creating works that aim to be vulnerable, allowing the audience to share a tiny bit of the same feeling. My desire to learn and experiment with different materials and topics is never-ending. I work in 3-dimensions but also explore animation, drawing, virtual reality, and sound art. I am interested in exploring decolonization and further embracing my own culture in the future.

untitled (空)(2022)

Nong zi sa ning? (who are you?) (2022)

Untitled (— — 成真) (2021)

Untitled (故乡,与父合作) (2021)