Nova Shen  沈一诺

I am a University of Victoria Visual Art student, and work with photography and drawing. 

‘In The Bedroom’ is a photographic work displayed in the form of collage art. The series consists of five pieces of collage art, each 20 x 40 inches. With the bedroom as the background, begin from the wall on the right and go around the room, ending with the door. To create this work, the model posed in corresponding positions and was later incorporated into the image using Adobe Photoshop. This work is mainly based upon my personal experience; all the photos show what might happen and what has happened in my room. The bedroom is a different space for everyone; we all interact differently with our own spaces. For me, the bedroom is my most comfortable and safest place. It is a secret garden. 

In the Bedroom (Series) (2021)

Digital collage