nina parrotta

As a conceptual artist, I work from an idea and employ whatever medium I feel best represents that idea. I am interested in the domestic, often working with household appliances, vintage fabrics, clothing, and sewing. I find that blending the coldness of appliances and machinery with warm, childlike, and nostalgic elements reveals truths of humanity, affection, and empathy. Much of my artistic practice comes from a personal inspection of gender roles and binaries. I have been exploring work closely tied to personal life. Photographing my loved ones feels like an act of power, where I can create an archival space for queer and alternative bodies. Shooting on film is integral to this, as the process is slow, rhythmic, and intimate, and the negatives create a physical footprint and archive. Most recently, I have delved into sound art and binaries between visual art and music by releasing an album. I believe that the more we stray from traditional and accepted means of artmaking, the more we are provoking and questioning the viewer’s internal biases, beliefs, and judgment.

Stan (title) Eminem loves to rap he is successful our blood sits and marinates in his liver eminem sings his silly little songs he rhymes about his pregnant girlfriend (2022)

Projection Installation

Teddy (2021)

Ink Jet print, 24″ x 30″

My Vogue Best Friend (Series) (2020)

Inkjet print, 24” x 30”

Clowns in the Schoolhouse (2022)

Inkjet print, 24” x 30”

Egg (2021)

Diptych, scanned objects on transparency

Hairball Croquet (2021)

Found objects, human hair, 6 x 24”

I Kissed a Girl (audio)