Mazi Isabelle Herico

I am a multimedia artist born in Quezon City, Philippines residing on Musqueam Territory. Play immediately became a driving force behind my work while my creative intuition and artistic process with material and form were brought by diverse exposure to material testing. Primarily, I work with textiles, metal, and glass with the incorporation of materials like decals and stickers. I find enjoyment in creating something new with contrasting materials.

Recently, my work has been about exploring connections to different materials and topics that interest me with the goal of storytelling. Conceptually, my work has grown to include themes like abstraction, ugly feminine emotions, identity, and culture. I am working to help frame different thoughts and ideas surrounding such topics. With more research and play, language has also made its way into my practice.

Hey I’m Talking to You (2021)

Painting and collage on canvas, diptych, 30″ x 40″

I Heard You The First Time (2021)

Painting and collage on canvas, diptych, 30″ x 40″

Latex Is For The Bedroom (2021)

Sculptural Installation

I’ll Show You A Perfect Circle (2021)

Steel sculpture, spraypaint, 28″ x 72″