Ke Ma  马珂

I am an artist who works in both traditional and digital drawing. The ideas behind my art are generated from personal experience and memory. Most of my traditional drawings are realistic and use a lot of pencil and charcoal. In my digital work, I am interested in cartoon portraits, and using colour to express character.

Most of my works feel positive, and act as records of moments from my life. I am interested in closely observing the details of objects and portraying them through simple contrast between light and shadow. My art style is also influenced by Chinese culture, and my memories and experiences of growing up in China. My current creative direction is leaning further into digital drawing as I am inspired by many illustrators who use this medium. Going forward, I am excited to experiment with different digital drawing styles and methods.

The Cat (2019)

Charcoal on paper

Empty , Good Animal (2021)

Charcoal and Marker on Paper

Fly to the Mountains (2021)

Marker on paper, 18″ x 24″

 It’s All About Sunset (2022)

Oil pastel and acrylic on paper, String, 6″ x 6″

Untitled (2022)

Digital illustration

66 (2022)

Digital Illustration