Bryce Lau

Like many artists, my creative work and interest has developed and transformed over the years. In high school, I primarily worked creatively in painting and sculpture classes, while during my years at Emily Carr I tinkered with a variety of mediums and focuses including woodwork, architecture, and digital art. After years of experimenting and having fun, things got real. During my time in post-secondary education, I have had the pleasure of meeting many talented and ambitious artists in my field who continually inspire me. My primary mediums of video and digital photography showcase experiences and ideas from my everyday life. My work questions the status quo and our ever-changing emotional spectrum. At times, I wonder what it all means. That’s why I explore it in my art.

Plastic People (2022)

Shown at “Terribly Titled” exhibit


Ashes (2022)

CGI Animation (3 Channel)

Skulls.exe004 (2022)