Autumn Pye

My works are highly nostalgic, both in concept and in visuals. I explore and put forth the raw and vulnerable experiences and emotions from both my past and present. By referring to memory, I consider its effects and affects, all while using a comparison to current life to create juxtapositional works. While I do work with both physical objects and digital ones, I find myself beginning projects in my head, pulling thoughts and ideas from the deepest parts of my brain, trying to make sense of them.

Cigarettes have become a somewhat ongoing theme in my work; I use them as a symbol for both time and coping in day-to-day life. I use only my own collected butts or pieces, and both recognize and feel interest in the fact that cigarettes have no use or function outside
of being lit and inhaled.

My art practice reflects my past and present awareness and responses, and questions the ideas and ideals of both my current experiences, and the social and economic world we live in.

Growing Pains (2021)


Love in the Time of Coronavirus (2021)


Cake (2021)

Performance Art