Jude Wolff Ackroyd

Enchanted by the horror genre and themes of otherness, I use intense coloration and lighting informed by cinema to infuse my fantasized worlds with suspenseful and unsettling atmospheres. My paintings and animated short films explore liminal spaces as both internal and external experiences. Whether it be a place, a person, or a moment in time, these spaces offer me moments to contemplate the inhuman parts of humanity, and the horror and allure of all that remains unknown.

By focusing on my own transformation as a trans person and how this impacts my relativity to man- made spaces, my artwork also begins to reflect internal contemplation of liminality. Each work is either a process of unraveling my experiences of dread or serves as an act of celebrating otherwise vilified identities. Dissecting the coded messages of popular film genres and cinematic techniques impacts my choice of storytelling and, more importantly, my choice to reveal or conceal the truth in narrative.

Slumber (2021)

Acrylic on Canvas, 42″ x 36″

Midnight Snack (2019)

Acrylic on Canvas, 36″ x 30″

Anatomy (2021)

Acrylic on Canvas, 60″ x 40″

Beacon (2021)


Me At The Bottom of the Ocean Getting Eaten by Hagfish (2020)


The Longest Night (2020)